Why Lincoln?
  • Save You the Hassle, Time and Knowledge Required to Complete a Transaction
    • Lincoln Energy Group LLC is licensed by the PA PUC: license # A-2009-2140222.
    • Lincoln will collect your historical usage data from your local utility and conduct the analysis of your load profile to estimate potential savings.
    • Lincoln will collect your historical usage data from PPL Electric Utilities and conduct the analysis of your load profile to estimate potential savings.
    • Lincoln will then price your specific load on the wholesale market with multiple suppliers for simultaneous bids. This eliminates pricing and timing confusion. This allows for an apples-to-apples comparison of bids.
    • All Electric Generation Suppliers that we quote are approved and certified by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.
  • Present Accurate Information You Can Budget On
    • Lincoln has over 8 years of experience in deregulated markets with all major suppliers. Our relationships are key in leveraging the best price for your business.
    • Lincoln will provide you with an objective analysis of the various price offers available in the market. Not all suppliers present bids in the same fashion. Lincoln will ensure there are no surprises when the bill arrives so you can budget accurately.
    • Lincoln has a large selection of suppliers to promote competitive price offers.
    • Lincoln is only compensated when a transaction takes place in which Lincoln negotiates on behalf of the client.
  • Provide Service After the Transaction is Completed
    • Lincoln will keep you briefed on new developments in the Pennsylvania electricity and natural gas markets so your business can capture the best pricing in the future.
    • Lincoln will be proactive in contract renewals as established contracts near expiration or as future prices reach attractive levels. Your business does not have to wait for contract expiration to renew and hedge future power needs.
    • Lincoln will be available at any time. Imagine never being put on hold again with an issue on your bill. Lincoln will contact upper management immediately and fix any problem as soon as possible.
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 ComEd & Ameren
Electricity costs will increase up to 40% starting January 1, 2011 as a result of the new MetEd, PECO, Penelec and Allegheny tariff rates. Lincoln Energy Group LLC will find your business significant savings. Request a free, no obligation quote from multiple suppliers today.
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