Electricity Rate Hikes
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On January 1, 2011, MetEd, PECO, Penelec and Allegheny will raise electricity prices for all business customers. Depending on the usage consumption, many businesses face increases of up to 40%.

Businesses can benefit by selecting an electricity supply contract from one of several competing electric generation suppliers. Lincoln only works with suppliers that are approved and certified by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Everything remains the same with your service. Your local utility still delivers the power, maintains the lines, reads the meters, and responds to outages. Your business would just receive a lower bill each month from an alternative electric generation supplier.

It is essential to your company that you understand the new rate increases and the electricity choices available. You can either stay with MetEd, PECO, Penelec, or Allegheny and pay higher rates, or you can choose another electric generation supplier and secure your savings today. Let Lincoln help you make the right informed business decision.

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 ComEd & Ameren
Electricity costs will increase up to 40% starting January 1, 2011 as a result of the new MetEd, PECO, Penelec and Allegheny tariff rates. Lincoln Energy Group LLC will find your business significant savings. Request a free, no obligation quote from multiple suppliers today.
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