Green Electricity

Lincoln Energy Group LLC is pleased to offer all business customers the option of purchasing up to 100% green power for your electricity usage. Purchasing green power reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that are created when generating electricity using traditional fossil fuel burning generation assets. Green power is created from several sources including wind, hydro, or biomass/biofuel power. Lower your company's carbon output and help do your part to limit global emissions. The declining supply of fossil fuels coupled with the need to help maintain or lower the effects of emissions on the environment require all citizens to seek and utilize alternative sources of electricity. Your efforts and participation will make a difference.

Ask your Lincoln Energy consultant today about whether green electricity is a viable option for your business.

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 ComEd & Ameren
Electricity costs will increase up to 40% starting January 1, 2011 as a result of the new MetEd, PECO, Penelec and Allegheny tariff rates. Lincoln Energy Group LLC will find your business significant savings. Request a free, no obligation quote from multiple suppliers today.
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